Ariana Grande’s Tattoo Disaster

Ariana Grande, a famous music artist, recently dropped her newest single, “7 Rings”.  Along with that, Grande attempted to get the name of her single tattooed on her palm in kanji, or Japanese characters.  The tattoo read “七輪”, actually meaning “small charcoal grill”. Yikes.

Grande received a lot of backlash for her small charcoal grill tattoo. In attempt to make things right, she tried to fix the tattoo by adding more kanji. She consulted with her Japanese tutor to be as accurate as possible. Her tutor told her to add a new symbol above her tattoo, which then would translate to 7 rings, however, Grande did not take her tutors exact advice. She decided to add “指♡” below her tattoo, and when read, the new phrase “七輪指♡” translates to “small charcoal grill finger ♡”, or “Japanese BBQ finger ♡”.

Palm tattoos are known to fade and disappear, so hopefully Ariana Grande can count on that. If not, Grande will carry a small charcoal grill finger in her palm for many years to come.