Do students still cheat on tests?

Kailee Paro, Reporter

Does cheating on tests really benefit students? There is students in specific classes that still try to cheat on their test, making a cheat sheet when the teacher didn’t allow it, or copying off of someone you know will probably get a good score.

Cheating will not help, and I am guilty for doing that sometimes in the beginning of my high school year, and I came to realize that I learn nothing from it.  When a student cheats, they don’t actually know what is going on, and sometimes they get an average score.  But when I studied and actually did tests on my own, I exceeded on my scores, and sometimes I failed, but at least I know what is wrong from right if I didn’t pass a test.  Also, it is not fair for students that get cheated off of from another student, because that one student put 100% of their full effort towards a certain assignment, while someone else gets the same score but doesn’t deserve it because all they did was copy and rely on that one student.

Cheating on tests or anything in life, will never support you in the end.  Maybe you get a good score out of it, but the outcome of it is never good because you didn’t learn anything you are actually supposed to.  Students should actually try and practice their work on upcoming tests and assignments, and they will get a score that is actually worth it.