Is struggle essential to happiness?

Kailee Paro, Reporter

When life brings you struggles, it also brings you lessons, as in to learn what you’re most strong at and what you’re most weak at.  In reality, there will be many times when you feel that some situations are too difficult, but I think of it as a lesson that life wouldn’t give me if it knew I couldn’t handle it.  Without struggling, you wouldn’t know your best and worst abilities and what path is best for your decisions because experiencing struggles in the process will benefit at some point in your life.

Struggling will always lead to a happy outcome, I know for a fact because successful people in this world started off in a struggle but learned and kept growing from it.  When you struggle you gain more potential and knowledge in your desired situation you would like to obtain.  For example, successful businesses do not always achieve everything their first time; there are many downfalls and opportunities from it that help you progress.  Progressing is a great feeling that makes you feel achievement and acceptance, leading you towards a more stable and happy life.

Struggling is essential to happiness because of the lessons learned and how certain aspects of it serves its purpose.  Without a little struggle throughout life, we would have never known better choices and we would never have found true happiness.