The Cafeteria’s New Helpers


The Kohala High School PHS Core and Culinary Classes have supported the cafeteria for the past several weeks, helping the workers prepare meals for Kohala Students. Aunty Shirley Garcia, PHS Core and Culinary teacher, wanted to give the students an opportunity to work in a new setting and learn new skills while giving back to our school.

Aunty Shirley has big hopes for her students and the cafeteria staff. When asked the question, “What do you hope the students and cafeteria staff with get out of this partnership?”, she responded, “For students, besides the learning of new skills and gaining invaluable experiences in food service, they get to contribute to a bigger project. It’s not just food prep for the schools, but also to the Meals on Wheels program. They contribute to the community. For the aunties, it gives them great pleasure to mentor students. They show them skills in areas that are not shown in the classroom. For Aunty Gigi, she really appreciates the help with the fruit and vegetable prep. Both learn to work with different people and experience handling not only conflicts, but also learn to deal with good experiences.”.

The partnership between Aunty Shirley and her students, and the cafeteria provides many new learning opportunities. This is a wonderful example of “outside of class learning”. Allowing the students to experience and learn new things outside of the standard classroom setting empowers them to explore and build their skills profusely. “Seeing that [the students] are doing something they enjoy and being productive and service oriented [elates me]”, Aunty Shirley expressed. There is no doubt that other people within the school and community are also jubilant towards this cause, and love to see this collaboration continue on.

Pictured below: Students prepping meals including cutting vegetables, breading chicken, and stirring rice.