Getting Into Character!

Stepping out your comfort zone if the first step to getting into character.

Aliyah Page, Reporter

When acting a part, you must learn to embrace that character more than one may think. As that character you must learn to think and act like them in a way you believe they’d behave. Currently, Ms. Brown’s acting class has been practicing long and hard to perform a play for the children within our community. The entire class, including myself all play a role in this play, whether as a single character or a duo.

As we practiced our lines and interactions with one another we tend to step out of character slightly due to the fact that we aren’t quite used to these characters. However it doesn’t stop us from having fun and feeling these characters on a deeper level.

As actors, we must let go of the shame we may have when taking part in these positions, as it takes away our confidence in playing our roles. It is more serious since we will be acting in front of a crowd, so we are to take these roles seriously in order to pass as those characters. It shouldn’t be shameful since you won’t be alone in acting as something you may not be.

It is always helpful to engage in activities while acting as your designated character because it helps you build a ‘bond’ with your character. When I mean bond, I mean you start to build a connection and learn to see the character in your eyes more than others. As you start to create the bond, you start to feel more and more like that character, surprisingly even enjoy the character.

Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone just to try out a new character that may seem different from your usual personality. It is always nice to try something new as everyone says. Acting allows us to step out of that comfort circle to act in ways we never thought we would. But be sure to consider these things when acting a role in a play, whether a serious one or something small and just for fun.