Coming Soon, Can’t Wait Anymore!

Jonard Asencion, reporter

There are a ton of new movies coming out this year that will make you wish time would just go by faster. From sequels, continuations, remakes and solo movies, the public is in for a rollercoaster of dynamic blockbuster action. With so much anticipation and suspense built up from 2018,  people all around the world are dying, waiting so patiently for the next big film to hit the theaters.

There are a lot of expected movies coming out, some will continue and sadly some will come to an end. That includes Avengers, Star Wars, Frozen, Wonder Woman and much more “coming soon”, when in all actuality, it feels like forever. In the meantime, all we can do is watch a bunch of trailers, maybe watch previous movies, catch up before the next one comes out or watch other new movies to pass that time. Until then, “Patience is Key.”