Don’t Give Your Kids Phones

Raised by Electronics

Gillian Ward

I’ve always known that electronic devices weren’t good for kids. Teenagers are bullied online, kids become addicted to games such as Fortnite, and a child’s innocence can so easily be stolen by the wrong video on Youtube. What I did not know, however, is that now a child’s life can be purposely stolen by content streamed on a device.
Allegedly there is a demented video appearing on different electronic platforms like social media. This video is called the Momo Challenge and it features a creepy figure that tries to convince children to kill or harm themselves and others.
Many people give their children a phone to keep them occupied, but how often are they sitting with them the entire time making sure there is no bad content appearing on the screen? Rarely.
I’ve seen it many times with people I know and even with strangers. I’ve seen kindergarteners (and children younger) who have their own phones or who are shoved on a phone to keep them busy. Many news stations and reporters such as CNN urge people not to be alarmed by this video, but I believe it is always necessary to be concerned for the content children and teens see on their devices. I think this “challenge” highlights an important topic- that electronic devices need to be managed.
I only ask that you be careful, and if you have a child in your life please find time to play or talk with them instead of letting electronics raise them. Nothing is more important than their innocence and lives, and both are at stake.
God Bless,