Should age groups be separated on the school bus?

Protect Children’s Innocence

Gillian Ward, Reporter

I am a senior in high school, and when I see kids anywhere, I love to witness their wonderful innocence. Children and their wellbeing and minds are very important to me, no matter whose they are. So when I ride the bus, and I see high school students sitting with elementary students, it makes me uneasy.

The reason why is that the conversation of high school students isn’t suitable or appropriate for elementary ears. On the bus, I see high school students talking  to each other inappropriately, cursing, yelling, and talking downright dirty. Meanwhile, little kids are sitting right next to them hearing it all. Last week, I even saw a boy who (I think) was a freshman, yelling and cursing at a girl younger than him. I swung around in my seat to see what was happening, and when I saw the spectacle I told him to stop. We all need to stand up and do what is right in these situations. These are CHILDREN we are talking about. They are precious and they need to be shown love. It is appalling to me that older students act the way they do in front of children. It is absolutely infuriating. They just don’t care.

Children are like sponges; they take in almost every ounce of information they can get and much of it will stick will them forever. The bad information they take in will alter their innocence, scar them, and change their behaviors forever.

Children are very impressionable. That’s a fact; I now see elementary kids on the bus acting more like the high schoolers. They curse and yell and are cruel to each other. This breaks my heart to see. Childhood is so important; innocence is so important. Now, childhood innocence is being stolen from the children, and this is a serious problem.

I don’t think there is a way to get older students to stop acting the way they do. So the only solution I can think of is to separate age groups on the bus to minimize what kids hear from the high schoolers. When I was a little kid, high schoolers sitting with little kids wasn’t a problem. Actually, it was nice; one of my main memories of riding the bus when I was little was when I was in kindergarten and I sat with a high schooler. She seemed so old to me and I looked up to her very much. Her name was Jocelyn and she taught me how to draw penguins, and we drew penguins together a lot. This is the type of memories people need of their childhood. This is the way older kids need to be behaving. But this is a new and terribly different generation. Instead, they take no regard to the children; they are dirty and even make jokes of the children. Why do they not care that this hurts their hearts?

This is why age groups need to be strictly separated on the bus. If we don’t take measures like this to protect our children of today, who will they be tomorrow?

“In their innocence, very young children know themselves to be light and love. If we will allow them, they can teach us to see ourselves the same way.”

-Michael Jackson