Stress growing for high school students

Kailee Paro, Reporter

From freshman to senior year in high school, stress for every student is not getting easier.  The reason for stress to develop so quick is because every high school student in Kohala has to worry about PTP, their senior project, which is already a handful of work, and also managing their time keeping their grades up with other school curriculums.

PTP is a very long process that is stressing because it determines your future, which is a very big thought to think about as students approach their graduation.  PTP is beneficial, but is senior projects really necessary?  The work and time you have to put together for a senior project is a stressful task, says every senior that experiences it.  High school may seem easy, but the lessons today that we are learning, are way out of reach of reality.  For example, our math class, will we really need to use Algebra 2 in the real world?

As a high school student, it is never easy for students, some learn at different paces, some don’t understand as well as others, some have sports and even jobs after school because of outside school situations, and no matter what, we all have to come home and stress about homework and a grade that could possible affect us later.  No student wants to see an F on their report card, or a grade they know they can improve, but the time being and the amount of work were expected to do, sometimes is not relevant and its just building stress every day, and not a day less.