Winning Through Popular Vote Alone

Jonard Asencion, Reporter

U.S. Senator Brian Schatz, along with several other Democrats, has recently introduced a new constitutional amendment that would rid the Electoral College system, allowing presidents to be elected through popular vote alone (HNN 1). Senator Schatz states that, “No one’s vote should count for more based on where they live. The Electoral College system is outdated and undemocratic. It’s time to end it.”

The people’s votes matter but does it really if there’s a possibility of the nation falling into the wrong hands? According to the 23rd amendment in our US Constitution, the Electoral College system was created by the founding fathers to prevent direct Presidency out of fear of the wrong people running the country. Although popular vote seems like it maybe good for the people to get their voices heard, the democratic and republican parties will have no say if that candidate should deserve to be president.

It’s unsure whether the president will listen to the people’s demands or run the country how they see fit. Is it good? Is it bad? who knows, but it’s worrying.