Shazam! Go or No?

Donna Botelho, Reporter

The DC Universe movies are currently in question. Batman V Superman, Justice League and Suicide Squad ruined their reputation. Aquaman and Wonder Women did a great job at helping out their reputation but what will Shazam end up doing? Putting the final nail in the coffin of the DC movies? Or giving them a great chance at rebooting the franchise?

Well, according to reviews that have been put out by early viewing critics, Shazam seems to be a hit! The reviews on Rotten Tomatoes seem to be mostly positive at 91%! This is an amazing feat for the DC Universe movies! Reviews cite it as a lighthearted fun movie thats fun for everyone to see.

And if you plan on watching the movie, be sure to stay for the 2 end credit scenes. I would say it’s a Go instead of a No. Review out soon!