Artists can Share Life Lessons from Learning Art

Aliyah Page, Reporter

You read the title correctly! Every artist can agree that we learn not just art related lessons, but also lessons that can associate with life as well. Through the research of my senior project I have learned these lessons through research and from artists who I have personally interviewed. Here I will be sharing it all to you.

“It is like growing up.” Most artist have started young, and that includes myself. At first, our artworks consists of scribbles and poorly drawn stick people, however as we grow up, we continue to draw as we grow and that skill starts to develop over time as our bodies do as well.

“Practice makes perfect.” A person can’t get better at a sport if they don’t practice. This goes for art as well. Every artist knows that the only way they can improve is by drawing! The more you draw, the faster you will start seeing improvements. It depends on the person at which their improvements start to surface.

“Not everyone will like your work.” Have you ever heard the lesson that not everyone will like you? Well it is true. In life, you will find people who likes you for you, while also finding people who doesn’t like you. This goes for you art work. You will find people who will love your work, as well as people who doesn’t like your work. We must understand that this is how life is, and we must expect this in the future.

“Do it because you love it.” We’ve all heard this from our parents and teachers, to do what you love. How you should play a sport because you love that sport. Art is the same. If you love creating new pieces of art, then do it. If you love the process of making art, then do it! You should not force yourself to do something you hate.

“Understand how the world works.” If you want to make your art look as realistic as possible, consider looking at how things work in reality. For example, if you are drawing a person, try looking at your own hands and legs when doing so, examine how your body moves and functions. If you do not try to make them look as accurate, it’ll only look strange and unnatural. In life, we must understand how the world works so that we can be ready to take on the challenges that this world may throw at us.

“Believe in yourself.” If you do not believe that you are a good artist, you wouldn’t be able to improve. If you can’t believe that you can get a good GPA for the quarter, it will never happen, because you would lack the motivation to work for that goal. Believing in yourself will grant you the motivation to succeed in life.

“Have fun.” Seriously, you hear this a lot. The best thing to come out of doing something is the fact that you had fun doing it. Create art because you have fun doing so. Play sports because you have fun doing it. Study because you have fun learning-not something you’d hear everyday.

Consider these as life lessons that you could use in life. Whether you are an artist or not, these all benefit both parties.