Dance night at The Kahilu Theatre: a musical escape for the people of The Big Island

Gillian Ward, Reporter

The Kahilu Theatre is a 490 seat performing arts theater in Waimea. The Kahilu Foundation offers a wide variety of productions viewed from the rows of seats, as well as youth performing programs. But what many Big Island residents don’t know, is that there are now events being held behind the curtain…

Now, with the introduction of Dance Night at The Kahilu, the stage is opened to the public, whether you’re a performer or not, to enjoy shows different from what you will find from the theatre seats. The stage is opened up, curtain drawn down, and a new stage is set up back stage on which a band performs dance-able music to be enjoyed by the attendees. Now, the public can take the stage.

There have been 3 dance nights so far, the most previous one on Friday, April 5 was rocked by the local group, Lucky Tongue. They are a band consisting of four siblings and a father, but are often joined by other local-or not-musicians. That night they had with them two keyboardists, a cello, and a violin. Lucky Tongue plays primarily 60s and 70s rock along with originals, but they also incorporate funky dance melodies into song medleys to give even greater variety to their music.

The attendees of The Dance Night enjoyed the event immensely. They let loose their inhibitions and danced freely throughout the night, and although there were refreshments for sale, some people seemed to never leave the dance floor!

The responses of the people who were there were incredible! Although the house wasn’t packed wall to wall, there was a great crowd. The people there raved that “…more people have got to know about this!… I can’t believe we can find this right here in Waimea!… If people aren’t here, they’re missing out.”

The Kahilu plans on continuing to host more dance nights. So, visit their website. They have also had the local band Lorenzo’s Army take the stage, so who knows what incredible act will come next!