Teen Suicide is a huge problem

Kailee Paro, Reporter

Not many people address the conflict that it is getting way more common for teenagers and young kids to hurt themselves and even take their own life.  Society in our world today can sometimes be so oblivious and does not take the situation seriously, until something has to happen for them to realize.

Sadly, the trigger of teenagers taking their own life is because of bullying and they feel super insecure about themselves, or simply because someone they actually loved or had deep emotions for, was just in it to hurt them.  Insecurity is such a huge problem that causes teens to hurt themselves because they think parts of their body is wrong just because someone told them it was or made them feel like it.

Once someone takes their own life, a contagion effect starts to occur meaning other teenagers and kids are starting to think that it is okay to hurt themselves.  Teen suicide is not an easy subject to talk about, but parents and adults that can possibly point out early stages of it should take this topic seriously and prevent it from happening more.  It won’t be easy because of this generation coming up, and some parents are not cautious about how their kid can treat other kids, but parents should pay close attention to their children because all around us is a environment that can blindly cause kids to make them think that taking their own life is okay.