Senior Dilemma

Aliyah Page, Reporter

Senior year is the year where we students make our future plans official once we graduate. We had all junior year to start applying to colleges and signing up for scholarships and by now we are supposed to have our things together as we enter the real world, whether its going to college or getting a job. However, there are few seniors who may be having a crisis about what they want to do.

Just think about it: you have been planning to go to this one specific school since freshmen year. You have been waiting for this moment to go to college to get a better education and to enhance your own skills. But as the time for graduation starts to come closer, you start having doubts. You start reconsidering if you want this for yourself. If you will be happy doing this. Of course you could talk it out with parents and counselors to help you get back on track. But sometimes it is not that easy to talk about it.

Now this is just in my perspective but, imagine being too scared to talk about it. Scared to disappoint anyone when you have gotten this far to do it. You believe you can cope over this stress yourself as you drown yourself in what you should be focusing on right now. But deep inside, it slowly eats away at you. You have been wanting to go to this school and you made that official during middle school. But at this point in time, do you want it? Is it meant for you?

As a fellow senior and future graduate, I want to encourage future seniors after me to avoid going through this dilemma. As long as you have been planning this future thoroughly, you will be fine.