Kohala High School’s “expose” account causes harm

Kailee Paro, Reporter

Just a couple of days ago, an issue occurred about an “expose” Instagram account for people to spread rumors and make false accusations about certain students here at our school.  What made it more disturbing is the fact that teachers were brought into these assumptions, and students here like the feeling of exposing someone they might not like themselves.

Kohala High School should know way better than this, than to feed a Instagram of lies and other people’s business that you shouldn’t be bothering with, or to possibly get revenge against someone, or just simply find it funny and amusing to expose something about someone else, whether it is true or not, because it is no one’s business but an individuals own.  It is truly disappointing to watch these students find an interest and take time out of their day just to put someone else down, and no one thinks to put themselves into other peoples shoes.  For example, one person could put something horrible about someone, but when it happens to them, it’s wrong? Students need to just accept the fact and learn that this is high school, were not little kids anymore, and creating an account like this could really cost someone’s life, and whoever is in charge of that expose account or whoever said something, can be held accountable.

Making an Instagram account like this really shows how our school is and it does create a really uncomfortable place for a lot of people, which school should be about learning and just getting your education right.  I know that there will possibly be more conflicts like this, but I still can’t understand who has the audacity to intentionally hurt people in the way they did emotionally and mentally.  I believe our school should be better than this, and to just mind your own business, and not to worry about other peoples mistakes, because without a doubt, we all made the same mistake.

This expose account should be the last, because imagine the unsafe environment this account is creating for everyone, and if some people believe that this is not a serious situation, it really is.