Fire Emblem: Three Houses (COMING SOON)

Aliyah Page, Reporter

Fire Emblem Three Houses has had its first trailer leaked about a year ago. However Its release date was never revealed till February 13, 2019, where Nintendo has released its due date in a Nintendo Direct. Fire Emblem Three Houses is expected to be released on July 26, 2019. Now for all who may or may not know of what to expect from the game, let me give you an overview.

This time, you don’t get to play as a tactician, but instead you play as a male or female professor who is responsible in leading your students in a war. Your job is to both teach and improve your student’s skills in their academic lives and during a brimming war. Guide your students so they may wield different kinds of weapons, study magic, and even horsemanship. REMEMBER: Your student’s lives depends on your leadership!

You are given a choice between the Officer’ Academy’s three houses: The Black Eagles, The Blue Lions, and The Golden Deer. Choosing one of these houses will grant you the chance to meet the House Leaders and future rulers: Eldegard of the Black Eagles, Dimitri of the Blue Lions, and Claude of the Golden Deer.

Besides that, the game also allows the player to freely roam around Garreg Mach Monastery and the academy within. This game play allows you as the teacher to interact with talented students and build relationships as well as gaining intel through different ways. If I am correct, this is a similar game play to Fire Emblem Fates

Throughout the history of the Fire Emblem series, this is the first game where you can assign battalions of troops to individual units to support them throughout battle. A true improvement to the series and its growing game play. There is still time till the release of Three Houses draws upon us. Whether your a current Fire Emblem fan or just getting into the game, get ready for the newest addition to the Fire Emblem franchise. Available only for the switch!