Congratulations Kohala Kowbotics for CREATE Award

Mitchell Canniff, Reporter

Congratulations to the Kohala High School Robotics team (Grace Todd, Gideon Rabang, Deighton Bell, Kaimi Hook, and Nicolas Tyler) for their achievements over the weekend. The High School Team won the Create Award for their efforts. The award went to our team because they created a robot that was unique, robust effective quality because of its excellent in its design and build process, which is a big achievement considering that there were 584 teams at the competition.

Out of the four teams in the high school division from Hawaii, Kohala was the only team to bring home any award! Kohala Also made it to the finals, which again was out of 584, and again the only Hawaii team besides Pearl City (win-loss 6-5 and ranked at 40), who was invited to be our partner. Kohala fought through 11 qualification matches to get to finals and had a win loss of 8-3 within the top ten.

Kohala set the bar for Future Kohala teams and the entire state. E Ala E Nā Paniolo.

Fern White
The Kohala High Robotics teams won the CREATE Award at their national competition in Louisville, Kentucky.