Share your Senior memory before graduation

Aliyah Page, Reporter

Every senior had been waiting for the day when they can take their diploma and say “Thank you” and “goodbye” or “HA! IN YOUR FACE{Insert name}!” Whatever they have to say won’t matter too much when they start thinking about how fast this year has gone. Since the beginning of the year, every senior can agree that they have been hoping for graduation to come, but it is possible that by this point of time, their thoughts most likely changed.

Reminiscing the old memories they shared with their friends over the years, friends that are most likely going to college in another state or country. Whether its their closest friends or friends they have lost along the way, through bad times or lost of communication. Even old memories they share with their classmates that they either have a good or bad relationship with.

Then there are the times when they’ve had their best moments in high school, moments that they’ll miss once they leave or are afraid to forget about. Moments like getting a teacher to do one of the biggest memes out there today, taking a good snapchat video of a friends doing something dumb. Even those moments where an assembly is actually pretty bomb after something cool happens.

High school is a time where us teenagers can create memories and have fun for as long as we can before we head off to college or into the workforce. It was the only time to have some fun with people you’d grown up with and got to now. Now that graduation is on the way, what is your best memory from over the years? Whether it was during high school, middle school, or even elementary school.

Write your memories in the comment section and share them with all of us.