What’s Next, Seniors? P4: Entering the Workforce

Gillian Ward

For many high school students, just completing their final assignments to graduate requires major mental effort. So the question of what comes after can be extremely intimidating. There are many paths to consider for after high school. Post- high school options include trade school, the armed forces, the workforce, a gap year, a community college, or university; It is important for a blossoming adult to weigh the advantages and disadvantages that come with all post- high school options.

Entering the Workforce
Many high school graduates will choose to begin working straight out of high school. This is actually a good decision for those not ready to commit to more education or those who need to earn money. After 12 years of school, most students are pretty tired of school, and taking time out of the classroom to work can help refresh the desire to learn and later attend school. Post- high school education can be extremely expensive, and working after high school can help people save for it. If college and university is out of the question, beginning to earn money is also beneficial for a person to begin saving or earning for other life responsibilities.
Entering the workforce can also help a young person be more exposed to the world. High school, colleges, and universities can be sheltered environments with people who are all around your same age and do the same things you do every day, but working with coworkers who are different and have different goals from you as well as having new and different responsibilities can be a rewarding experience. The article “Six Advantages of Working After High School” from Chron makes a great point about gaining independence from working as well due to money management. The article states that “…if you live on your own while you work, you’ll gain even more life skills, including paying rent, paying utilities, buying your own groceries, gas, and more.” Entering the workforce can be a incredible path for high school graduates to take because it can also give them time to decide what they want to study, instead of being crushed into deciding on a major. Many will also find that staying in the work force, and not attending school at all is right for them.

Everyone is Different

Everyone is different, and one post-high school path isn’t right for everyone. There are so many choices for young people to make at this culminating time of life, so wether you decide to continue your education, learn a trade, join the military, take a gap year, or join the workforce, it is very important to know and weigh the benefits and downfalls of each one.