The Dummy’s Guide for Nonathletic Students

Sabrina Prentice , Contributor

If you hate P.E as much as I do, you’ll want to read this article.

P.E is a favorite class among most students at Kohala High. It’s a good opportunity for students to showcase their athletic skills and get all their extra energy out. However, for some students (like myself), P.E is something they dread whenever the cursed even days arrive. Luckily, I found five ways you can gain a passion for P.E (or simply tolerate it), that might even get you an A.

  1. Find the good within the bad. Try not to think of sports as a whole. Think about the individual parts of sports, or different kinds of sports. Maybe it’s the catching or throwing or simply the satisfaction that comes from winning a match; there has to be at least one thing you enjoy. 
  2. Use effort while you play. When you actually try, you get better, and as you get better, you start enjoying it more. 
  3. Get out of your head. When you’re embarrassed about the way you play or are too embarrassed to play at all, it makes sports an overall shameful,  unpleasant experience. When you feel confident and stop caring what people think, you are able to play freely and actually enjoy the game. 
  4. Forget all your past failures. Start with a clean slate. How you totally fell down trying to catch the ball that one time (speaking from personal experience here) isn’t important whatsoever. All that matters is how well and how much you apply yourself in the here and now. 
  5. Last but not least, know your motive. What’s the reason you want to tolerate sports? To get an A? To simply learn a new skill? When you have a good motive to do something, it’s bound to get done rather than just heading aimlessly into things. 

I’ll end off by saying that nothing is impossible. If you really want something, you can achieve it with the right mindset. Sports are a global favorite and by following these steps I hope you can begin to see why.