New to the School, Not the Field


Photo: Aidan Blanco

Aidan Blanco, Contributor

Tasi Sauta is a football player for the Kohala Cowboys and he is exactly what his name means: the number one man. The 14-year-old freshman tears offenses up with his aggressive mentality and football IQ. He currently plays as a defensive end and full back which is one of the running backs for the offense. 

Sauta mentioned that the most important skill that a defensive linemen must have is the ability to hand fight because it’s what makes a defensive linemen more elusive and it gets the pressure to the quarterback easier. However, he doesn’t think that defensive linemen get enough credit on the defensive side of the ball and that too much is given to linebackers and defensive backs. In the end, Sauta still likes his position and wouldn’t want to trade it out with a different position no matter if he gets his credit or not.

For this upcoming season, Sauta wants to help Kohala earn a winning record for the team. Sauta’s plan after high school is to go to college to play football and eventually make it to the pro level.