Mj’s Pro Fortnite Streamer



Tasi Sauta , Contributor

 There are about 40 million streamers around the world that play the game Fortnite, but now they’re taking a step up to making the best Fortnite streamers to be invited to the Arthur Ashe Stadium to play in the Fortnite World Cup.

An upcoming streamer that was really good won the Fortnite World Cup. His name is Bugha and he is only 16-years-old.

But there’s this one kid named Mj that wants to be one of those streamers–to work hard and be one of the best. Mj has been working hard so he can enter the Fortnite World Cup and just demolish kids! His secret of being good at Fortnite is to be creative and he practices on his builds and aiming for hours then he joins a match and see if it helps a lot. If it doesn’t help him then he leaves and then he goes to the playground with match fill and practices with other good kids. Mj’s Fortnite name is kidperfect_yt. 

And if you want to see him in person, just look around Kohala High School–he’s a new freshman on campus!