School Lunch: Yum or Nuh-Uh


Photo: Jaylah Kekoa

Jaylah Kekoa, Contributor

School lunch has always been a topic for students. Many students have opinions about the school lunch. Some dislike it, some think that it’s good, and some people think that they don’t get enough. School lunch isn’t something that most people eat, so they just wait until they get home. So what I did was went around school and asked two people questions so that we could understand why school lunch is a topic that everyone talks about.

So my first interviewee was Kayla-Joy Juan Kealoha. She is a Senior here at Kohala High School. And my first question that I asked her was, “What are your thoughts about the school lunch?” Her thoughts about the school lunch is that it isn’t that great and it could be better. The next question was, “Is the portion of the school lunch enough for each student?” Her response is that she doesn’t think the portions are enough because they give very little. And the last question that I asked her was, “Do you ever look forward to eating lunch?” She says that, “I look forward to lunch depending on what it is.”

My next interviewee was Mia Fuertes, a Junior at Kohala High, and I asked her the same questions. Her honest opinion on the school lunch is that it’s pretty good for the most part but there are some things that she could care less about. To her personally, she says that the school lunch portion is good enough for her. She personally does not look forward to eating lunch everyday but will when she’s hungry.

Our next interviewee is a Sophomore here at Kohala High, but she wanted to stay anonymous. I first asked her, “What are your thoughts about the school lunch?” and her response was, “It’s not good, and it’s not appealing to eat.” The next question was asking about the portions of the lunch not being enough for the student. She says, “No, because a lot of people here at Kohala high eats usually big portions of meals.” Our last question was wondering if she ever looks forward to eating school lunch and she said, “NEVER because she feels like they get fed the same thing over and over again.”

Our last interviewee is a freshman named Kaisha Salazar. Her thoughts about school lunch is that it’s gross and she thinks that it isn’t real food. She also thinks that the portions of the school lunch isn’t always enough. She also doesn’t ever look forward to eating lunch. 

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