Going on a Buta…less Hunt


Isaiah Castillo, Contributor

Frank DeLima said it best: “We’re going on a buta hunt, we’re going on a buta hunt.” But Delima failed to tell us where to find Kama, the Kohala High School pig. The female pig, which was trapped in Hālawa by Unko Hualalai Keohuloa, the farm manager here at the school, is located somewhere on campus. Lucky for you, I’m here to tell you how to find it. 

Depending on your walking stride, from the cafeteria to the office is about 85 steps. From there, you will walk to Mr. Henderson’s room (ST-1A), which is about 111 steps. After that is a straight shot to the pig pen, which is about 100 steps. 

The person who is in charge of Kama is Uncle Hualalai for now until the students are ready to take that responsibility.. Also, eats slop from Unko Hualalai and sometimes the school cafeteria slop. I asked Unko Hualalai if Kama  was going to be used in school and yes , it will be on a plate. Unko Hualalai said the experience of catching the pig in Hālawa was radical and fun. 

Sooo…after writing this story,  I came to find out the pig is no longer there. Unko Hualalai said the pig got afraid of the weed-whacker and shoved its way out of the pen! Smh.