Cheer-leading is more than a sport

Ashla Salas, Contributor

        There’s more to cheerleading than doing flips and using pom poms. Jessa- May Campollo, a senior at Kohala High School,  shares her thoughts and feelings about cheer.  

       Jessa, 17, cheers for Kohala Cowboys football and basketball team.  Jessa has been cheering for Kohala Cowboys for two years. Jessa likes being able to show school pride on and off campus and cheer is a good way of showing a lot of school pride. Jessa also likes being able to create a positive attitude for the school. Jessa thinks that others should join cheer because you can make long lasting friendships and you can show people your school pride.  

      Although, Jessa does not see cheerleading as a potential career because it was just a way for her to be involved with the school, and to put herself out there. But she said for others that see cheer in the future as a potential career, especially if they’re really passionate about it. Jessa thinks cheer is a good sport athletically because you can practice good health, and its a good sport mentally because it teaches you how to be positive no matter how bad the situation might be.