Aunty Cicely’s Speaks Her Mind

Camille Pinho, Contributor

Aunty Cicely was offered a position as a project based coordinator back in June of this summer. After thinking it over, this would be a great opportunity to give back to the very school she graduated from and the community she lives in. As a project based coordinator, Aunty Cicely coordinates all the events that happen at Kohala High. She’s also responsible for helping all the CTE core pathway teachers and getting people from different pathways and industries to come in and show what careers are out there.

Aunty Cicely enjoys working with the students, faculty and staff. She’s very familiar with the freshman class and knows that they are an energetic bunch of kids. Obtaining a relationship with the sophomores, juniors, and seniors is one of her goals this year. Though working here is great so far, she feels that the spirit of our campus needs to be changed. The spirit of our campus should be more uplifting and joyful. 

“My goal everyday is that I’m a better person today then I was yesterday and be positive in everything I do. Uplifting and encouraging anyone I come across. My goal at the end of the day is to get someone in that same uplifting mentality. If everybody, one student at the time, has an uplifting attitude one day at a time, by the end of the school year everybody will be in that uplifting joyful spirit. That’s my giving back to the school and community that built me.”

Unfortunately, due to the funding of Aunty Cicely’s position, it is uncertain if she will be able to work at this school next year or the year to follow. She looks forward to being a part of this faculty and staff for the years to come if it is available. So let’s all be good students and contribute to making Aunty Cicely’s vision of having a joyful and uplifting campus come true.