How to Geometry

How to Geometry

Monica Oliveros, Contributor

  Right now would be a great time to fix your grades. Finals are almost coming in and there’s a bunch of people worried about what your grades will be. Specifically for math and even more specifically geometry. This interview is going to be all about how to keep up with your geometry class and some short-cuts for it.  (Disclaimer: In order to pass in any class you need to have dedication and grit.)

1. What’s your full name?

Answer: Shelby Rae Greene

2. How long have you been pursuing a career in Math?

Answer: 7 years counting the years I’ve been doing it

3. Is it easy to have a career in Math?

Answer: It requires some effort but besides that it isn’t the hardest thing ever and it all depends on attitude not intelligence.

4. What are the main topics in Geometry?

Answer: relationship between shapes and properties you really have to look at it from many different perspectives.

5. What is the easiest way to solve equations?

Answer: carefully and step by step not doing all at once.

6. What’s a good way to manage your time for Geometry?

Answer: the key is making sure is doing the work early for students to ask questions so that they can ask for help.

7. If you’re struggling with Geometry what’s the best thing to do?

Answer: ask questions during class and then ask questions at lunch recess if you don’t have enough time. You can also look for other resources on the internet.

8. Best methods to use for Geometry work?

Answer: draw pictures and write everything down because it could be important for later.

9. How do you get an A in Geometry?

Answer: do your homework and ask questions.

10. What are some basics you need to know to pass in Geometry?

Answer: how to solve equations with a variable and being able to graph lines. Need to know about area a perimeter and basic shapes.

11. Anything else you’d like to add on to this interview?

Answer: “the only way to learn Mathematic is to do Mathematics.” -Paul Hamlos


What came out of this interview was that we got various information based on geometry and Ms. Greene. She told us the methods on how to keep a good and steady grade for that class and what can keep you there. Geometry is a tricky subject but with an attempt and some effort it’s definitely possible is basically what Ms. Greene was saying. I agree with her because you can succeed in anything especially in math because it doesn’t take much taken to do so. In conclusion, this interview taught me multiple methods and plenty of news things about Ms. Greene.