Spanish Class Can Help Upcoming Students

Raimana Akau, Contributor

  ‘Aloha mai kakou, ‘O Raimana Akau ko’u inoa. I went to interview Mrs. Kosorek about her Spanish class, and what activity she does with her students. I interviewed her and it went well, but one thing I wish is that I asked her more questions.

      Question 1 was:”Why did you choose Spanish for one of your languages in life?”. Her answer was:” I chose this language because I went to Costa Rica and I wanted to learn how to speak to people, and also when I travel the world I know how to communicate to the people I Eastern Europe as well”. I find this is very interesting because I would not have found myself doing such a thing if I was in the same position. This is something that I would consider to do for myself.

     Question 2 was:”For your Spanish class what types of basic words do you teach?”. Her answer was: “ We usually learn about words like, what,who and where etc., and also how to communicate with your classmates about different types of subjects.

     Question 3 was:”If I took Spanish, what would I need to know to be a Spanish teacher?”. Her answer was: “ Just learn the basics then work your way up, never give up”.

     Question 4 was:”Can you add anything about what I will be learning if I choose to take this class?”.Her answer was: “Things that you will be learning in this class is the basic reading skills and how to introduce yourself to your fellow classmates”.

     I enjoyed interviewing Mrs. Kosorek. I would have added more follow up questions if I thought about it in the moment. That’s one thing I would change in my interviewing process. I learned a lot more about her Spanish class then some of the students that will be taking her class