Kohala High’s New Place of Learning


Photo: STEM Information Display

Talia Sanchez, Contributor

What do the new Stem buildings at Kohala High school have to offer our students? If you’ve had a class in the new buildings, you know how great a privilege it is.  Did you know the plans for the construction of these buildings started more than a decade ago? The amount of money put into these buildings is about $7.5 M. The labs all include computers, smart boards, and best of all, AC. Those are some of the many reasons why having a class in the new buildings is better than in a regular classroom. 

These 4 new buildings add more space for students to have learning opportunities. There is a physical science lab, biochemistry lab, natural resources lab, and a math lab. The new science buildings bring more interest  for the students of Kohala. Over the past couple of years the number of Kohala High students have been meeting and even exceeding the science standards in our state’s assessments. This shows that there is definitely a bright future for Kohala’s science programs. The labs have all the new technology, and learning tools to support the learning of our students. 

These new buildings will bring great opportunities for our school. I can’t believe that the development took so long. But because our school has such an interest for stem, I can see why they were built for this generation and the generations to come. The stem buildings have lots of new technology, and have lots to offer. So make the most of it and take advantage of these learning moments. They hold a lot of great opportunities for success!