Kohala Bounces Back on the Field


Photo: Jay Blanco

Aidan Blanco, Contributer

This year for Kohala high, the football program has made improvements in the 2019-2020 season. Kohala for the past three years was the lowest seed team in the BIIF D2. However this year they made the 3rd seed in their first 11 man season since 2011.

Mj Macaspac, Kohala High Junior and the programs middle linebacker, and team leader thought that this season was one of the best he’s had. This year’s unit of players worked well together and was able to bring not one win but 3 wins for the season. Which is a huge improvement from past years when the program went without a win 

With the success from this season, the football program has something positive to work off of to make the next season even better. Some may even say that the program can make it into the championship game next season, with the right mindset and drive the program can make this a reality next season.