KHS Student Credit Union holds Financial Literacy Workshops

Andrew Trump

Over the Christmas break many Kohala High students enjoyed being at home with family, hanging with friends, going to the beach, and eating good food among other things. However a group of  about 20 kids from the KHS student credit union utilized a few days during break to learn more about money and how to handle it. The students met on December 21, 22, and 27 from 9-11 A.M. to attend the Financial Literacy Workshops at Kohala High.

This is the 3rd year in a row that the SCU has held financial literacy workshops and this year had the largest amount of students in attendance. The three days had different topics that were focused on. Aunty Lakme Nishi from the Kohala Federal Credit Union was the teacher for all three days. On the agenda for the first day was credit score. The attendees learned about the 3 different types of credit scores, what a good score is, how credit score affects you, and how to build and maintain a good score. Senior Joey Vignato said, “There were a lot of things that can affect a person’s credit score that I didn’t know. I’m glad I was able to learn about it before making credit lines.”

The second day was centered on loans. The group discussed car loans, home loans, student loans, and nearly every other type of loan. Everyone was able to see the important connection between having a good credit score and getting a good interest rate on a loan.

The final day’s topic was insurance. The students learned about auto insurance and how it is mandated to have. They also talked about other types of optional insurance like health or fire insurance. After the final day’s session, everyone was treated to a delicious lunch cooked by different workers from the Kohala FCU.