Too Many Absences


Michael Salvador, contributor

Do you know why many kids are being absent?  Many kids are being absent from school. Many kids are not coming to school just to not come. Also they are missing out on events when they do not come to school. They miss on work and then if they do not check on missing work they can get an F.  Some kids check their work when they miss school, but some do not.  

From my personal experience from missing school a lot, you have to make up a lot of work and it is an uphill battle. Also it gets really hard when you have to do make up work and still keep up with the other work that you currently have to do. 

If you miss school make sure it’s for an important reason like going to the doctor, dentist, or going on a family trip. If you go on a family trip make sure you get whatever work you have to do and do it on the plane or in a hotel. Also make sure you get a doctor’s note when you go to the doctor and a dentist note when you go to the dentist because it shows your excuse is legit. 

If there’s one thing you should remember from this article is make sure you go to SCHOOL!!