School Electronics Ban controversial once again

Jenna Nickl, Editor-in-Chief

Almost 2 years after the original “no electronics” ban was implemented at Kohala High, teachers are now beginning to question exceptions in the policy. The ban as of today prohibits cell phones, cameras (unless in publications classes), iPods or mp3 players. The exceptions to the rule include personal laptops, calculators and iPads/tablets, which many students use like laptops. However, it has been brought up by a faculty member at school that iPads violate school rules because of the camcorder feature. In the past, cameras have proved troublesome because they were being used to record explicit language and on-campus fights which were subsequently posted on social networking sights like Facebook. But while many teachers on campus dwell upon the cons of this situation, other schools across the state are bypassing us by utilizing the pros of technology in classrooms.

For example, the heavily implemented Achieve3000 program allows students to use school wifi to download lessons onto their tablets or computers which can be accessed later without internet. There are also new tablet programs that connect the student’s work on their iPads to the interactive Smartboard at the head of the classroom. Kohala High School has even recently purchased a cart full of iPads which is used by the Social Studies and History classes to verify facts in class discussions and collect research data for assignments. Technology is at the forefront of the next generation and by choosing to restrict its use, schools will not make any progress.

The ban also encourages rebellion. In this day and age, teenagers’ lives revolve around social networking and text messaging. The administration thinks that banning electronics will make the students stop using their devices in school, but really it’s just causing them to use phones behind the administration’s back. This causes the teachers to grow upset and begin rapidly writing referrals. Overall, the electronics ban is restricting our school’s progression towards becoming more technology oriented. Certain teachers on campus are too concerned about a couple of wrong doings in the past.