School Days Flying By


CJ Yamamoto, Reporter

It has been a busy school year not only for the seniors but the whole school with everyone trying their best to keep their grades up.

With this 2011-2012 school year coming to an end, it seems like we have no time to spare with seniors finishing up their senior projects, AP classes and waiting for their big day. It’s coming down to crunch time. Senior Breann Kapeliela stated, “It’s been going by so fast. It’s stressful with many different projects going on, but it also has been fun with the social courts and activities going on.” She also will miss the underclassmen and she is ready to start a new chapter in her life.

The Juniors are trying their best to finish up this school year to become the top dogs next year soon after the seniors graduate. The Juniors had a lot of testing this year. Junior Deja Ramos said “I heard the test scores have gone up which is great.”

The Sophomores have also been working hard on their HSA Math and Science testing which has been helping them in their classes as well. The Sophomores have always been a happy class no matter what the task. Sophomore Kalani Geiger stated that ,”the school year has been fast and also been fun.” He felt that the testing has been hard but has also been helping him in his classes.

Freshmen have been busy with focusing on their classes to work their way up the ladder so they can someday become the top dogs as seniors. Freshman Amber Malasig said that her school year seemed so fast because all year she has been hanging out with her senior friends. Her favorite activity for this year was winter ball. She enjoyed it so much because it was like a mini prom for her. She also said that she stopped slacking in class to keep up with her work so she may become a sophomore.

As you can see despite all those DLWOP days and holidays, Kohala High School students all 269 of them have been working very hard to pass their classes and do good. E Ala E Na Paniolo (Rise to the challenge Cowboys and Cowgirls).