Kohala Wrestler Takes Gold at BIIF’s


Andrew Trump

         Kohala Junior wrestler Cowboy Auweloa carries a confidence that helps him on the mat. Auweloa held an undefeated record all season in route to becoming the 160 lb BIIF champion. The junior wrestled in 33 different matches this season without faultering a single time, something that is tough to do no matter what sport is being played.
         Although Auweloa went undefeated, he challenged himself by wrestling bigger opponents. “I went up two weight classes one meet and was able to beat Trevyn Aquinn, who was undefeated before our match.” He was not intimidated and kept his appoach simple all season. “I just go into win.”
         Auweloa transferred to Kohala from Honoka’a last year with the hopes of continuing a strong wrestling career. He credits first year coach Travis Obrey who helped him improve on his conditioning, strength, and technique. Auweloa said, “He makes us train hard and he really knows what he’s doing.” Kohala has had a couple different wrestling coaches the past few years, but Obrey took over with the intent of creating success. The team performed well throughout the year and looks to improve for next season.
         Unfortunately Cowboy Auweloa wasn’t able to continue his success up at the state tournament, despite being the #4 seed out of 22 wrestlers. He lost in the second round to an opponent from Cambell High School. However he still has senior year to make a run for a state title.