2012 May Day Court

CJ Yamamoto, Reporter

This year’s May Day court is filled with so many happy seniors who are all eager to learn the hula. The types of songs that were chosen are just right for the seniors because they describe them in many ways. The main thing is having fun with the dances.


Queen: Breann Kapeliela

King: Kulia Averio-Kalaniopio

Niihau: Chyler Imai & Mana Akima

Kauai: Kiana Valeros & Kialani Averio-Kalaniopio

Oahu: Michel’le Hiraoka  &  Jory Ayoso-Fernandez

Kahoolawe: Ciera Lucas & Keanu Bruno

Molokai: Jenna Nickl & Elias Hood

Lanai: Khara Munro & Travis Kawai

Maui: Casey Utemei & Christopher Roxburgh

Hawaii: Calsie Carvalho & Clayton Yamamoto Jr.


This year’s May Day Program will be held on April 30th.  The seniors will have two performances one during the day for the students and another at the night for the public and parents to attend. The time for the night performance has not yet been decided.