Highlights from KHS Spring Break Europe Trip


Daryl, Diaz

This past Spring Break four Kohala High students and a KHS teacher traveled abroad. Their itinerary included traveling to London for seven days and Paris for two days with Education First Tours. It was a language arts themed trip visiting all the well known landmarks plus going to the Globe Theater, Stonehenge and the Eiffel Tower. Great experiences and memories were received from this trip

Senior Joseph Vignato enjoyed many things about his trip. His highlight of the trip involved being in Bath, England. He says, “The pastries in Bath were delicious!” That same day he really enjoyed sightseeing at the Stonehenge, “It was a misty day at Stonehenge and it was really cool.”

Sophomore Raina Thering loved everything about the tour. Thering said the food was amazing along with all the historic landmarks they visited. “I loved visiting the Stonehenge, Eiffel Tower, Greenwich, Bath, Globe Theater and just everything!”  She also got to meet some family that she has never met before and thought that was awesome.

Senior Delani McAulay enjoyed the the landmarks as well, though her highlight gave her happy feelings of togetherness. McAulay was in Paris, France on an underground train, “We were walking to the platform and there were performers in the halls singing ‘I’m Yours’ by Jason Mraz. Then two girls from our group, that joined us from Mississippi, sang on the mic with the men playing the bongos and the guitar.” McAulay said people who were in the station walking past stopped, watched and sang along with the performers. She adds, “It gave me a really happy feelings of togetherness and I loved it!”

All three students wish they could go back to England because of their positive trip experience. They encourage other students to travel for the learning experience.