Senior Wills


I, Devereaux Aiona, do hereby leave Arvi and Sandrex my hellaflushed R34 Nissan Skyline GTR, Miah my swag that I don’t have, Rael, Zemo and Willy my happiness and laughter and Ricky Ching with positive vibration.


I, Mana Akima, do hereby leave Billy Skelton my speed, Haruto my height because you need it and Dalyn Kupukaa my golden glove.


I, Adam Anakalea III, do hereby leave my semi-vast array of limited knowledge of random things to Rachel Vujovich, a poke-to-the-side to Selina Keawekane (which lasts forever by the way), and my remaining love for dessert to my sister, Tihani, ‘cause I don’t want it anymore….Kay, gotta go college now…HAVE FUN! BUAHAHAHAHA.


I, Jordelle Antonio, do hereby leave my basketball skills to Hauoli, Leilia and FooFoo, my softball skills to Jahpiko, my smiles and laughter to Mohala, my emotional/physical strength to Riyuuu, my kindness to Leesha, my love to KooKoo, my kookiness to Shawn, Justin and Janong and my coolness to Joce.


I, Jovi Antonio, do hereby leave Justin Agbayani, Shawn Ramos and Janong Ramos my yeh, my athleticism to Riyuuu, my smiles to Leesha, my driftness to Hauoli and I leave Jocelyn my laughs.


I, Kristine Antonio, do hereby leave my happiness to Riyuuu, my weirdness to Justin, Janong and Shawn and my smile to Lee cha cha and La’i.


I, Jory Ayoso-Fernandez, do hereby leave Kohala high school with the good memories that we shared. And the volleyball team the Best of Luck. And Justin A. with two thumbs up and Kassie Kometani all my poles around school. And last I leave a trace of my smile around.


I, Kuliamai Aveiro-Kalaniopio, do hereby leave my leadership abilities to Jayvimar Arellano, settin skills for volleyball to Hana Caravalho, my smile to Michelle Sahagun, my athletic skills to Justin Agbayani, Dakota Tolentino my “go get it” attitude, Breea, Kawai and Amber my love for the Hawaiian culture, Chelsea Ventura my appreciation for Ka Hana Noeau and my love for Kohala High School to all of the future cowboys and cowgirls to come.


I, Keanu Bruno, do hereby leave my football jersey with my man Ricky Ching, my catcher skills and classic weirdness to Willy Boi, my batting gloves and grade check form to my man Jerry and lastly, my Campbells Soup to Denae because she’s lookin mmm mmm…good.


I, Kevin Cadaoas, do hereby leave the drama group/club/class my talent in the performing arts, if any, my uncanny ability to spread laughter and Selina Keawekane, my love.


I, Caitlynne Campollo, do hereby leave my libero skills and unfinished business to my sister Jocelyn Campollo, my laughs and smiles to my 3rd period girls, my happiness to Devin Cadiente, my ditzyness to Pono Giron Arellano, my funnyness to Hana Caravalho and my love and friendship to my amazing MTBBFF <3 Jan Mariano.


I, Austin Caravalho, do hereby leave my excuses to Jonah Palacay and the school to deal with the rest of the Caravalho’s.


I, Kyleigh Caravalho-Yoneda, do hereby leave Brandy Lee and Lynsie Caravalho Kohala and all the people that stay behind, I wanna leave you both my Japan days, mento nytes 0__0 and all my love <3 and lastly, I wanna leave my boiz Kaimi, Kawena, Coby and Zemo all our mento memories keep it! Don’t forget it!


I, Calsie Carvalho, do hereby leave my knowledge and academic record to my sister Maranda Carvalho, also I leave all my amazing, unforgettable memories to Jayvimar Adina Arellano, I know it will be hard being far apart but I know we will get through it, Love you forever.


I, Weston Cazimero, do hereby leave Jeremiah Kanehailua hope, encouragement and the will to do good in school, so I can teach him some basketball skills he needs to wear the jersey #22 next year. Oh and no forget you get my cut collar still yet so we hunting boy!


I, Angela Ventura Cubangbang, do hereby leave my “swag” and artistic skills with my younger brother Ramon Cubangbang, my randomness and inside jokes with Chelsea Ventura and my love and obsession for One Direction with Eloisa Obero.


I, Domenic Defiesta, do hereby leave Josiah Adams to lead the cross country and track & field to states, Denae Rivera: keep reppin’ my #21 through your high school years, Isabel Steinhoff: no matter what happens through your high school years, remain the same because you’re a wonderful girl, I’m glad I got to know you and also, I leave all my partying memories at my house.


I, Daryl Jim Diaz, do hereby leave my nonsense questions to the tennis team, my insane panic attacks before showcases to KGM Performing Arts Club, my cool talking voice on the mic to Kohala High’s STUCO, my “you never understand me!” look to Ms. Brown, my amazing transportation planning skills to Kate, my constant complaining about chores to Jesse Raphael, Stephanie Marie, Mom and Dad, This is it!, my Misha, Supernatural, Grey’s Anatomy and One Direction obsession to Chase-Lin Yamatada, but STEP ONE, I hereby leave presidency for KGM Performing Arts Club to Chaslyn Yamamoto; you sneaky little mom and monkey! Finally, my motivation to all students to KHS students, keep rising to the challenge!


I, Tristan John Francisco, do hereby leave my legacy of accomplishments, wisdom and influences to those of like mind and my unconditional love to my sweetheart.


I, SheryllAnn Guillermo, do hereby leave Aulii Leialoha my spoons and nutella, Brittany Balgas my SINGLE girl swag, and for those who are failing check out my spot at credit recovery classes or see Aunty Shirley.


I, Kaimana Heinicke, do hereby leave this school with pride and dignity.


I, Michel’le-Nicole Hiraoka, do hereby leave James Preito all my love and my good grades for you to pass, Mohala: I will miss you! Keep smiling no matter what, I love you my baby cousin, everyone else: SHOOOOTTTZZZZ!


I, Elias Kameaiomakamae Hood, do hereby leave my volleyball skills to the volleyball team, my hops to Mark Edwards, the soccer team to Dakota and my undying love to Jocelyn Campollo-Hood.


I, Chyler Imai, do hereby leave my awesomeness to my mini meeh!, my volleyball skills to Mohala and Hauoli and my snacks and happiness to Aunty Chris.


I, Breann Kapeliela, do hereby leave my stress with those who gave it to me in the first place, haha and good luck to those who gave grown a close friendship with me.


I, Travis Kawai, do hereby leave the teachers a break from me. YEEEEE!


I, Duke Kiriu, do hereby leave the aunties in the office my phone answering abilities, Trenton my steering skills and Mrs. Pasco my alohas RAJAH!


I, Kiani Kukona, do hereby leave my mento memories in the hallways of Kohala High and my lil’ sister Aulii Leialoha to be stuck here for 3 more years to tell me the scoops ah? Last but not least, I leave my girlfriend, who was the only one to be down for me, no shame… my high school sweetheart! Chee! SHOOOOOTZ!


I, Ashlyn Lewis-Matsu, do hereby leave my smile and craziness with Auli’i Leialoha, “most importantly” to leave my happiness, love and procrastination with my big baby brother, Justice Lewis-Matsu.


I, Staci Lopez, do hereby leave Coby Amar with all the great memories we’ve had through this year, my advice to him is to never let anyone punk you out but also remember not to be the punk as well. Push through all the nonsense, it will be worth it I promise. Love you mento kid!


I, Arjansen Mariano, do hereby leave my Campbell soup to Isabel cause she’s looking mmm mmm… good 🙂 and my swagging swagg swagg to Arvi and Janong.


I, Kealohi Matthey do hereby leave my fellow classmates these words: “No can” isn’t a word! How can is! The mind is a strong thing! Believe in you! Love you! You will go far! Good Luck see you in your new life!


I, Delani McAulay, do hereby leave my tallness to next year’s volleyball team especially Hauoli, my responsible-ness to my best friend Breena, who needs to start being responsible! and I leave a big thank you to all my teachers especially Mr. Hashi who has always given me the best advice.


I, Rayven Medeiros, do hereby leave all my cheese munchies to Nalu, my crazy anime mind to Selina, my soul to Saian, my craziness and right to still tease me to Aunty Debbie and Ms. Withrow, my love to Kealohi and to my little Venus, I’ll leave you FANG! (You with the mine war) and to everyone that I love and care, I leave my feathers to you all.


I, Liza Mosalve, do hereby leave all my munchies to my very sweet besty Marjorie Francisco and my awesome, understanding and very kind hearted Aunty Shirley Garcia Nakamura, all my craziness, weirdness and randomness to Kate Gilligan and all my sickness to the very caring nurse Aunty Stacey Matthey.


I, Michael Nelson, do hereby leave the robotics team with my 4 years of experience so they don’t have to start fresh.


I, Jenna Dorothy Nickl, do hereby leave my lil’ bro (even though he’s still young) my Nickl individuality: we’re a wee bit different but be proud of it;  Kassie- my leadership; Mikaela- my cajones; Isabel- my rootbeer shaped candy; Kawai- my ume keychain; Breea- all of my Molokai nuts; Joce- my beast photography skills; Troy- my truck; Dirrronnn Kuuu- my rubber duckie; Mrs. Pasco- some Coke; Aunty Chris- ranch flavored sunflower seeds; Mrs. Cassinelli- my stomach, keep feeding it; Ms. J. Brown- Gouda bomb! Baba! Avengers Wives Assemble! and to Dylan, the best teacher’s child besides me, gets everything else. Live long and prosper Cowboys!


I, Sharae Perez, do hereby leave my good looks to Temukisa and my awesome personality to Leysha and to all the upcoming seniors really try to be the best you can be as students and don’t stress your teachers out, have fun learning! Yeaaahhh buddy! 🙂


I, Jastine Mai Raquiza, do hereby leave my “Asian” craze to the twins Mariah and Whitney Collier, and my athleticness and sport to the lower classmen who love to do sports.


I, Christopher Popo Roxburgh, do hereby leave my athletic abilities and love for the game and laughs and jokes to the basketball and volleyball teams. Also, I would like to leave my furby hair to Aunty Chris.


I, Justin Shontell Senior of 2012, do hereby leave the underclassmen the skills and knowledge needed to pass these hard years and the strength to live life richly.


I, Kea’au “Braddah Mohn” Solomon-Lewis, do hereby leave my cuzin Makani, Braddah Kaimi, and Kawena my humbleness. I also leave you the hallway to the room.


I, Shyanne Steele, do hereby leave all my laughs, beautiful smiles and crazydazy mornings to the prettiest underclassmen, Brandy Caravalho, my confidence and attitude to my behbeh Andi Amar, when it comes to yourself, the only opinion that matters is your own and I pass down my status as senior with the prettiest blue eyes to Ms. Tiani Luga who is a beautiful person inside and out, I’ll miss you all but I’m so happy to finally be out of this place!


I, Kona Tagalicod, do hereby leave all da baseball boiz my skills, abilities and knowledge of the sport, good luck to all of the underclassmen, most of all Jeremiah “Meerkat” Kanehailua and Casey “Freddy” Stevens, lead da baseball boys victory! “Kumin”


I, Dylan Tavares, do hereby leave high school at the age of 17 already a boss, ready to set out into the world. Intentions you may ask? …Military


I, Andrew Trump, do hereby leave my green tennis racquet to Mikaela, my hello kitty accessory to the tennis team to fight over, to Kassie and Isabel I leave my “Let’s go!” yells because it’ll pump you guys up the next 3 years to make states, Dylan you are the new captain and finally to my sweetheart, I love you so much. And despite that I’m going across the country, our love cannot be separated. My love for you will never cease to exist.


I, Casey Utemei, do hereby leave the SCU work to Anjalika Agustin; my love and support with the freshmen girlies; my academic ability and love for cowboys to Haruto Fuertes; our “cottonballs” legacy to Uilani Caravalho; my party dancing and outgoing smile to Mohala “Behbo” Kaholoaa-Kumukoa; and my undying friendship to my bu, Jeremiah Kanehailua.


I, Lindsay Ventura, do hereby leave my sarcasm to my sister Chelsea and my intelligence to my cousin Willy Boy.


I, Joey Vignato, do hereby leave my bombastic personality to Rachel Vujovich; my undying love to Dylan Snelling; and Madrone’s jacket, which I forgot to give back, to Madrone Goldman.


I, Ellaine Mae Viernes Obero, do hereby leave my intelligence and “swag” to my sister Eloisa, my craziness to Mikaela, our lunch table to Jayvimar, my cooking skills to culinary arts, my tennis skills to Michelle: remember to “make your mama proud”, my love and hard work to the girls basketball and tennis team and my procrastination to the upcoming seniors.


I, DJ “The Prodigy” Wong, do hereby leave Hana my hammah, Pono, Kalai and Koda bear my volleyball skills, the office aunties my love, Devin Cadiente my leadership, Mrs. Koustik my number 12 jersey, last but not least I leave my tallness to all the short people. 🙂


I, CJ Yamamoto, do hereby leave my love and aloha as well as my joyful spirit, great positive attitude to the entire Kohala High School campus, all 285 of you! Me ke aloha pu me hana, CJ Yamamoto!


I, Kaylyn Yamura, do hereby leave my smarts to my sister, Kadence Coito because you need it girl! haha and of course my basketball skills too!