C/O 2016! Welcome to the Cowboy Ohana

Yuki Zbytovsky, Reporter

Welcome to Kohala High School Class of 2016!  This year will bring many exciting moments for you all. From sports to clubs to student council, Kohala High School is definitely the place to be in order to thrive. So don’t be shy, participate! Joining clubs and playing sports will engage you in fun activities and will also help you make new friends.

Although High School will be at a higher level and more strenuous than your previous experiences in Middle School, the majority of the students express that you will definitely get used to it in no time, and that it brings more freedom in order for you to succeed. Being organized and making sure to do your work is a definite route to graduation. But High School isn’t all about the books. Kohala High School offers many sports and extracurricular activities to take part in that will help keep your body in good shape and your mind alert. Participating in these will help you have an easier time focusing on your school and homework. Kohala High also holds spirit weeks, dances, winter ball, and if any freshman is lucky to go, Prom! There are countless fun activities to take part in in this school.

So once again, Kohala High School would like to welcome you all to the Cowboy Ohana and hopes to meet you all to have a great time this school year.