We’ll Get them Next Time Cowgirls!

Yuki Zbytovsky, Reporter

Both of Kohala’s JV and Varsity teams for girls volleyball were defeated after our first game against Hilo High School on August 29th. Although both teams tried their best, it wasn’t quite enough for them to reach victory. The Varsity team had a close game of 22-25. “We tried our best and that’s what counts. I’m still proud of all the girls and I’m sure we’ll get them next time!” Cheerfully says Varsity team player Na’ai.

Even if these games turned out not to be as we wished them to, Kohala High School’s students definitely have faith in our Cowgirls and continue to keep our hopes high. Since it’s the start of the season, there is still plenty of time to improve their skills and dominate! Their next game after this, is on September 15th at HPA, where the varsity teams will have a face off. Hopefully they’ll do great in that game and even  if we wouldn’t come out triumphant, just know that they’re definitely giving their all and are out there representing the determination that our Kohala Students possess.