New school year; new block schedule

Kassie Kometani, Reporter

This school year, Kohala High School is going through a big change with the start of block scheduling. Instead of having a floater period each day we first start off on Monday with all 7 classes. Tuesday, we only have periods 1,3,5, and 7. Wednesday we have periods 2,4, and 6. On Thursday we once again have periods 1,3,5, and 7, and on Friday we have 2,4, and 6. Those class periods last for 77 minutes. That is about half an hour longer than the classes last year.

This new schedule is taking some getting used to but studies say block scheduling helps to raise test scores. What students like about it is that you only have a class 3 times a week and you have more time for homework. The extra long periods can get a little hard but students enjoy having more time to get work done.