First Dance a Success

Kassie Kometani, Reporter

Kohala High School had their first dance of the year on Sept. 6th in our school gym and went from 7-10 pm. The dance was put together by  our Student Council. Many freshmen were excited to attend their first high school dance. One freshmen said they liked the dance and that it was better than the middle school dances. A senior commented that the dance was awesome and a lot of fun. A sophomore said that they liked how a lot of people were dancing. The dance had a really great turnout. About 100 students attended. Strobe lights and decorations in the gym created a fun and festive mood. Students were also given colorful glow-in-the-dark bands at the door when they arrived.  The music was blasted all night long which encouraged students to get out on the dance floor. Students can look forward to the next school dances, which will be the Valentines dance and Sophomore Hop.