Leo Club Helps out at Kaniohale-Hawaiian Homes.

Yuki Zbotvsky, Reporter

On Saturday September 15th, Kohala High School’s Leo Club members volunteered to take the early morning ride to Kona. The reason for their trip was to  help the Habitat for Humanity organization  build five houses in ten days. Although they were only able to participate on one of those days, the Leo Club worked very hard and diligently. From painting to clearing out and stacking unused wood, they helped as much as possible.

“Working from 7:30AM until 1:30PM really tired us out but it was worth it,” volunteer and Leo Club member Melanie Sahagun says, “It was an awesome experience and I had lots of fun doing it”. Not only does Melanie feel this way, but all of the members of Leo Club expressed that helping out in the community feels very pleasing. Knowing that you’re aiding others and that you’re helping out to make Hawaii a better place is an amazing experience.

But this isn’t going to be the only community service the Leo Club will participate in. Leo club is searching every day for more opportunities to participate in service projects. They look forward to being  part of a change for the better, and to assist people or the environment that is in need.