Homecoming Postponed

Madrone Goldman, Reporter

Homecoming has been postponed until basketball season. For varying reasons, which you can read about in the related article “Football Team Shutdown” by Rachel Vujovich, the Kohala High School football team has been shutdown and no longer exists, until further notice. And this poses somewhat of a problem to Student Council members and class officers, who just last week held a meeting to plan out all things homecoming (game, theme, spirit week, et cetera). All our plans were dependent on the then upcoming football game, which now, sadly, will never be played.

In response we have converted “Homecoming Spirit Week” to “Fall Spirit Week” and thrown all other homecoming plans out the window to be collected and recycled shortly before this years basketball season; during which we shall hold another STUCO meeting and re-plan homecoming accordingly.

Despite this setback we should all strive to seek silver linings, be optimistic, and all that good stuff. Postponing homecoming isn’t all that bad! With the extra time to plan homecoming it will be even better than it would have been during football season with less time to plan.