Football season shut down


Rachel, Vujovich

Despite the Kohala Cowboys’ hard work towards their progression of becoming a great team, due to injuries and inadequate grade reports,  there will be no High School Football team this year. The School is overcome with disappointment due to the fact that there will be no more home games and no one will utter the words “Rise to the Challenge, Cowboys!” at a football game.

Originally, after having the football team cut, the team was not allowed to play for this year or the next year. This was a grave disappointment for the upper classmen as they would not be able to play football for their high school careers. Although it isn’t confirmed, word is spreading that this rule will be changed to allow the boys to play in the next coming season.

Let’s cross our fingers and hope that within the next year we will be able to scream for joy at the Kohala Cowboys’ victories against rivaling schools while playing the glorious game of Football.