Kohala High Brings Back School Swim Team


Yuki Zbotovsky and Kassie Kometani prepare for the upcoming swim season for Kohala High.

For the first time since 2006, Kohala High School is offering swimming during the winter season. The decision to open up the swim team again was made by athletic director Laurie Koustik. It was risky, knowing that students might not be interested. But a small team was able to be formed when 2 girls and 5 boys signed up.

Jeffrey Coakley with the assistance of Billy Inglis will coach the high school team. Both men coach Kohala’s USA swim team, which will be traveling to state championships this December. Also on the USA swim team is freshmen Yuki Zbytovsky and sophomore Kassie Kometani. Their entering of  high school sparked interest in having a school swim team once again.

“I’m really happy about finally having a swim team this year. It gives us a chance to represent our school and show that the Kohala High swimming program can make a comeback”, said Zbytovsky.

Training commenced last Monday at the Kamehameha Park pool. Practices are everyday  from 4:00-5:30. The first meet will take place on December 8 at the HPA pool with more meets to follow in January. The swimmers are making a lot of progress and will hopefully be ready for the upcoming season. There is a lot riding on the swimmers to make the decision of bringing back the swim team worth it.

Coach Billy Inglis works with swim team members Ford Clark, Nathan Carvalho, and Jayven Amonance on their free style stroke at the Kamehameha Park pool.