Homecoming Preparations Begin

Yuki Zbytovsky, Reporter

As Kohala High School’s Homecoming on January 19th is approaching fast, the students are starting to scramble supplies together to start constructing their Class Mascot Floats. The class mascots for this year are the Stingrays for the Freshmen, Ali’is are the Sophomores, The Juniors are The White Tigers, and lastly, the Seniors are The Cobras.

Although the Mascot is the main part of the Class Float, the Class Colors and Banner are also very important. These must be incorporated into the float for getting a better score from the judges. The volunteers who are judging the floats are also looking to see if the Theme is displayed clearly, If the float is focused on school spirit, the durability of the float, and overall appearance. The floats must also contain the theme, which is “Rope Them Wildcats”, contain the class name, and display the year of Graduation of the class.

Many students of Kohala High School express that they are very excited for Homecoming and are looking forward to the activities. Some senior class officers said that planning the construction and work is very stressful but the end result is definitely worth it. Kohala’s students are looking forward to the healthy competition that Homecoming brings and are ready to show what they got.