Ka Leo Na Opio goes online

Delani McAulay

For the past five years it seems, technology has been constantly rocketing to new levels of success and demand.  These days, society can’t seem to function without a computer or cell phone at the tip of their fingers.  With this in mind, it’s no wonder why Ka Leo Na ‘Opio has recently decided to make the conversion from putting out a printed newspaper to creating an online newspaper.

The plan to create an online website for Ka Leo will take effect within the next year or so, and has been developed as a way to cope with the lack of funds and subscribers for the paper.

So much effort and time is put into writing articles and adjusting them so that they can fit nicely within a layout for the printed paper.  Sometimes articles don’t even make it to the paper because they become outdated before editors can get a chance to fit them into the layouts.

Having an online website as a means of a school newspaper would eliminate these problems.  Uploading a freshly written article onto the website would be simple and take only a few minutes, and editors wouldn’t have to spend hours trying to adjust the article to fit within a specific space.

The online website could be beneficial for a few other reasons as well.  The cost of putting out a paper would decrease without the need for paper or printing ink.  With a total of roughly 200 papers put out each month, not printing a newspaper would also be beneficial to the environment.

The website would be convenient for it’s visitors with updated articles being uploaded and displayed on the home page, similar to websites like Msn and Yahoo!.  Polls would be created as a fun way for students to become a part of Ka Leo.  Even video uploads of recent and popular events would be available with the new online Ka Leo Na ‘Opio,

Having an online newspaper would in fact be one of the largest and most significant changes that Ka Leo Na ‘Opio has made in many years.  Only time will tell though whether or not an online newspaper will be as beneficial as the Ka Leo staff is hoping.