Kometani Represents Kohala at Swimming States


Kassie hard training at the Kohala pool paid off in a trip to States.

Yuki Zbotvsky, Reporter

This past weekend, Kohala High School Swimmer Kassie Kometani competed in the HHSAA Swimming State Championships. She was entered in her best events (the 50 and 100 yard freestyle) and did amazingly well for her first High School States meet as a sophomore; she placed 3rd in the 50, and 5th in the 100.

The exciting and lively meet was held at Duke Kahanamoku Aquatic Center at UH Manoa. To be able to compete in the state meet, swimmers must have a qualifying time, which is already a huge accomplishment. At the meet, the swimmers have a chance at making state finals in which only the first 8 of 24 can compete in. Kassie’s initial time for the 50 free was a 24.88 and her prelim time was 24.77 which qualified her for finals. For her 100 freestyle her entry time a 55.67 and prelim time a 55.34, which also allowed her to swim in finals.

On the second day of racing, Kassie swam both of her events finals. The tension and excitement rose as a result of the intense competition on this day. Before the swimmers swim their events, they are taken into a private room to concentrate and focus on what they are going to race in; once their event is called they walk out to music in a single file line as the crowd cheers and goes wild.

Finishing in 3rd and 5th as a sophomore is a huge accomplishment for Kassie and a great step forward for Kohala High School. “I am very happy to be able to represent Kohala,” Kassie states; “I look forward to having a team next year and hopefully more students will be encouraged to join.”

This year was a great first year for Kohala High School’s Swim team and hopefully, as Kassie said, it will continue and make more accomplishments in years to come.